Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Limitless Love - TedxUtica

TedxUtica is a week away. My topic is something I'm not an expert at: Love.

I've been with the same partner for 10 years, but that isn't the main inspiration for the talk.

I have 3 beautiful children who I hope exude joy and love, but their only a small part of sparking this idea.

My parents were married for close to 18 years, but their relationship isn't front and center either.

I'm writing and speaking about love for social change and community building.

For ten years, I've been trying to convince all sorts of people to volunteer, teach, and contribute to their community. For five years, I've been trying  to convince social workers and impact entrepreneurs to work smart, lead better, and innovate faster with mixed results. No matter the group a few key observations have emerged:

1. Many people spend most of their time talking and thinking about their relationships and how it isn't going the way they want it to go.

2. Many people say relationships either stop or inspire them to take on a challenge.

3.  Many people I encounter seems to have been hurt by a relationship that they haven't let go of (romantic and platonic).

4.  Sexual and domestic violence are prominent and evil aspects of our culture, especially for men as perpetrators.

5. Most people aim to not get divorced and look good instead of be happy in marriage and get better.

All these observations have led to my Limitless Love idea:

If we want a thriving society  how to have a limitless relationship is important information to share.

If we want to have a thriving society, a distinction must be made between limited love (abuse, violence, etc.) and limitless love (appreciation, intimacy, hope).

If impact leaders and people apply the ideas of limitless love with courage, we may get closer to a thriving society where relationships do not define our existence, but serve one of many meaningful foundations for our lives.

You can watch the talk this Friday via a streaming link here:

Monday, July 28, 2014

Speak Like A Pro

Speak Like a Pro—a free virtual conference with Jenny Blake—streams August 25 through August 29
I'm excited to be featured as one of 25 conversations with authors, TED speakers and the world’s leading experts on influence and behavior change on what it takes to Speak Like a Pro.
Through this conference, you will learn to master an art form as old as time; whether in a setting as intimate as an important meeting or as big as speaking on center stage, learn how to find your confidence, hone your message, and manage your nerves to nail your delivery and inspire positive change in others.
What You Need to Know
When: August 25 - August 29
Where: Online
Cost: Sign up for free here Speak Like A Pro Ticket

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Weird Guided Meditation Track

This is weird. When I first heard about guided meditations I didn't believe any of the hype. Yet, after spending the last 2-3 years meditating, I'm convinced. When I meditate: I feel more relaxed, peaceful, and present at work and with my kids. It has made such a difference in my life that I've done something embarrassing: a guided meditation track. Sacrificing my ego to create this track, I truly believe that you'll enjoy this track if you put on some headphones and take just 5 minutes to get rid of any stress you feel.

On the track, I'm trying to gently guide you to relax and do some simple breathing exercises.

 I'm not a guru or buddhist, but meditation has brought me a sense of calm to help deal with life's challenges along with prayer and other tools. I created this track for people who have never experienced meditation or have a hard time getting focused.

Hopefully, if it works, you'll experience the magic of meditation too. You can listen or buy the track here:

If you try the track out, let me know how it goes here.